What Should Be Done While Digital Banking Trends Change?

March 31, 2022

In 1914, an economist named William Scott published Banking, a treatise about banking. Scott listed the four primary services provided by commercial banks in his book: Money and other assets are kept safe, payments are made, loans are taken out, and investments are made.

While the basic duties of a bank haven’t changed much in the last 200 years, the ways through which these services are delivered have. Early banking systems were based on paper and proximity, but the Information Age of the twenty-first century shifted the banking business toward data and networks.

Customer demands have been stable since the banking sector began in the 1790s. Customers want to know that they can get their money fast and effortlessly. They also want a relationship with their bank; they want trust and personalisation, which meant face-to-face contacts with their banker in the beginning.

In 2022, a worldwide pandemic has accelerated digital banking and caused banks to develop at an exponential rate in order to satisfy these customer expectations more effectively and efficiently. The three main digital banking trends in 2021, according to Allison Beer, Chief Product Officer and Head of Customer Experience and Digital at Chase, will be automation, personalization, and real-time payments.


“Customers demand resolution in their preferred channel. “They want to finish their purchase there if they come into a channel,” Beer adds. “We’ve been working hard to ensure that clients can digitally self-serve. Customers not only want to be able to manage their finances in one location, which the Chase Mobile App allows them to do, but they also want us to handle it for them. As a result, we’re witnessing an increase in clients who’set and forget’ auto payments.”

Payments in Real-Time

A real-time payments system is made up of technology that allows money to be transferred instantly between banks and financial systems. Payments are accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and cash are available promptly.


According to Beer, personalization is crucial. “In order for our channels to be truly effective for our clients, they must be tailored for them.” Snapshot, an easy-to-digest daily snapshot of users’ daily transactions and individual financial patterns, is one of our most popular tools. We are able to give clients with valuable information regarding their purchasing habits.”

These trends, according to Beer, are rising but not new. “These tendencies were already there before to 2020, but the epidemic has just amplified them.” These trends will continue until 2021, as more clients choose digital channels as their primary banking channel.”

Via https://www.americanbanker.com/list/5-trends-sweeping-digital-banking-now