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Wealth Management in Visalia 


Helping the Central Valley Since 1989 with Financial Planning & Advice

Financial planning is an ongoing process that requires consistent effort and adjustments to achieve the best results. Whether you’re planning for retirement, wealth accumulation, tax reduction, or asset protection, we can assist you in creating a comprehensive plan that can be adjusted as your goals change over time. By starting with a well-rounded plan and regularly revisiting and refining it, we can help you achieve your financial objectives.

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Working Hard to Help You Realize Your Financial Dreams

Want to increase your wealth with a sustainable investment strategy? We can help you with wealth accumulation to meet your goals. Whether you are planning for a house, marriage, welcoming a new baby, or your kid’s education—we will help you reach your goal with timely and proportionate adjustments to your wealth management strategy.

There are multiple options available, including retirement planning, annuities, life insurance, IRAs, stocks, and bonds. Based on your desired outcome, we can establish your wealth portfolio. Are you looking for an expert wealth management advisor in Visalia? Soutas Financial & Insurance Solutions can help you. Dale Soutas is a veteran financial advisor with nearly four decades of experience. Talk to Dale to see how you can plan, manage, and grow your wealth to reach your financial goals.

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Taking a 360-Degree Approach To Achieve Balanced Wealth Growth

We are not your typical financial firm. Our focus is not limited to growth alone. Instead, we take a holistic approach by integrating and coordinating all aspects of your wealth, including investments, insurance, loans, taxes, and more, to create a well-rounded plan that provides balanced growth. This is how we take a comprehensive approach to wealth growth for our clients.


We select a diversified portfolio based on modern
portfolio theory (MPT) to give our clients maximum growth while minimizing the
associated risks.


While investing to grow your wealth, we ensure your assets and total income stays divested to lessen your taxable income. So you
can reduce tax payments to a minimum.

Innovative Approach

We deviate from traditional wealth management of secured growth and go for calculated risk that gives you ample average to increase your wealth to the next level.

Wealth Accumulation Is More than a Good Investment

It needs expert insight, an innovative approach, and timely action. You need a financial advisor who considers your situation, vision, and objectives while managing your wealth. Partner with Soutas Financial & Insurance Solutions. Dale Soutas of Soutas Financial & Insurance Solutions has been a wealth accumulation advisor since 1985. If you are in Visalia, schedule a call with Dale to discuss your financial situation, goals, and more. Dale’s experience and wealth of market knowledge are going to help you come up with a solid start for a secure and prosperous financial future.

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