IRA, 401(k) & 403(b) Rollovers

We can help you determine if a rollover is the right move for you, and we can help find the best vehicle to help conserve and grow your rollover assets.

IRA, 401(k) & 403(b) Rollovers

When you change jobs or retire, there are five things you can generally do with the assets in any employer-sponsored retirement plan:

  1. Leave the money where it is.
  2. Take the cash (and pay income taxes and perhaps a 10 percent additional federal tax if you are younger than age 59½.
  3. Transfer the money to another employer plan (if the new plan allows).
  4. Roll the money over into a self-directed IRA.
  5. Roll the money over into a Roth IRA (if it makes sense for your tax planning?).

Rolling over from one qualified plan to another qualified plan allows your money to continue growing tax-deferred until you receive distributions in retirement. a self-directed IRA puts you in more control of your retirement funds. Rolling over from a qualified plan to a Roth IRA allows your money to continue growing tax-deferred with future distributions in retirement being Tax-Free. We can help you determine if a rollover is the right move for you.

Strategies for Financial Independence

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IRA, 401(k) & 403(b) Rollovers


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