Potential Benefits of Investing in Municipal Bonds

June 12, 2022

Municipal bonds are popular among retirees and near-retirees who want to cut their tax bills and reduce market risk. Investing in municipal bond mutual and exchange-traded funds is one approach to diversify this market. Investors poured a record-breaking $96.8 billion into the stock market in 2021 alone. 1

Many investors may benefit from reduced municipal bond prices and greater yields this year, since interest rates are forecast to climb. In addition, muni bond interest is exempt from federal taxes and, in some situations, state and municipal taxes. 2

Bonds having a shorter maturity are less vulnerable to interest rate rises. Long-term bonds, on the other hand, benefit from growing interest rates and may be a smart alternative for retirees looking for long-term income. 3

Bonds or bond funds may be an excellent alternative for your portfolio if you haven’t relocated a portion of your assets to a more cautious allocation. We’d be pleased to assess your financial condition to see if bonds are a good fit for your objectives and timing. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bond prices may be favorable this year because certain municipalities may need to take in projected climate change charges as part of their bond issuing strategy in the future. Municipalities that are expected to be hit by rising sea levels or an increase in wildfires, for example, may increasingly need to recognize that municipal bond repayment sources are closely linked to local economic conditions. Bond prices are more likely to rise as the likelihood of climate change disasters rises. However, according to a recent analysis of this impact, the chance of default owing to variables like increasing sea levels is still statistically low. 4

Content prepared by Kara Stefan Communications.

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