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You've never been to a seminar like this!

As the president of Soutas Financial & Insurance Solutions, Inc., Dale is focused on helping clients work toward their retirement dreams through a well-thought-out strategy for retirement income.

Remember when life was simpler? When things didn't move quite so fast, and the world didn't seem so complex? Remember that? We do. And as the world around us has continued to speed up, becoming more complicated, and still a bit uncertain, we have managed to keep things simple, providing sound, easy to understand financial advice and customized road-maps for the road ahead.

You made it. Years of hard work, investing, planning, and now you're here. The long-awaited reward you spent a lifetime looking forward to. But what now? After years of growing a nest egg, now you may want to manage it, use it to fund your dreams. Make it last as long as you need it, and leave some for those you love. What do you do?