Fresno Financial Advisor News: How Working From Home Can Help Couples

The recent pandemic created quite a dilemma for working parents when schools and daycare centers closed. Employees required to report to work were hard-pressed for child care. As parents adjusted to working from home, many also had to manage their children’s online classes and cabin fever since they weren’t able to see friends or engage in extracurricular activities.

However, some benefits have emerged from the crisis. Families ended up spending a lot more time together. After some initial fried nerves, many learned to adapt and even enjoyed the close proximity, which led to a remarkable increase in the sales of board games, crafts and puzzles.1 Additionally, more fathers became involved in parenting and household chores, which was a boon for working moms. Going forward, if more employers adopt remote work as a permanent employment model, parents will likely become more adept at juggling the demands of child care while working at home. This could lead to a wide range of benefits, including saving money on after-school care, enhanced work/life balance and closer-knit families.

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