Credit Card Myths That Are Costing You Money

May 22, 2023

One of the most popular financial tools in use today is the credit card, and when used correctly, they can be quite beneficial. Your Clovis financial advisor says, there are a few credit card misconceptions, though, that may wind up costing you money. The following credit card myths should be dispelled:

1 –  Minimum payments are sufficient: A lot of people think they are in good standing as long as they only make the minimum payment on their credit card. This is untrue, though. You will incur interest if you simply make the minimum payment, which can soon build up and cost you considerably more than the original purchase price.

2 – Closing a credit card will raise your credit score—can instead lower it. Your available credit decreases when you shut a credit card, which may result in a higher credit use rate. High use might affect your credit score because this ratio contributes significantly to credit scoring.

3 – Only carry a balance on cards with 0% interest: Carrying a balance on a card with 0% interest can seem like a smart idea, but it might wind up costing you money. You can be faced with a high interest rate when the 0% interest term expires, and you will be required to pay interest on the whole debt, not just the remaining balance.

4 – Rewards cards are consistently worthwhile: The ability to earn cash back or points with rewards cards is nice, but they sometimes have outrageous annual fees and interest rates. If you lack the self-control to pay off your amount in full each month, the benefits might not be worth the additional fees and interest.


In conclusion, debunking credit card misconceptions is essential to maintaining good financial status. You may save money and raise your credit score by avoiding these widespread myths. Always make more than the minimum payment, keep old credit cards open, settle accounts in full, and carefully analyze reward card annual fees and interest rates.

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